Sunday, July 15, 2012

Broken Heartbeats

Broken Heartbeats

Counting broken heartbeats
the drumming of being alive...
to feel the breath
each inhale and exhale
moving on
the pain of losing
will always live inside  

The songs we used to sing
when we were young
Simon and Garfunkle,
Heart, and Fleetwood Mac
The letters from France
living each story

Shared dreams
Falling in love
Catching bouquets
Different lives as children grow
The distance never mattered
or did it?

The mistakes unforgiven
never to be repaired
apologies unaccepted
all that can never be undone

Sometimes the music plays on the radio
 the ache of a lost friendship is haunting
Tears turning to anger
needing to let it go and remember what was good
One day smiling with the memories
but always counting the broken heartbeats

Angela Minard 2012©


Anonymous said...

This goes straight to my heart.
I feel so identified.
You're such an amazing writer ♥