Sunday, September 16, 2012

Make Believe

Make Believe
Oh, make believe take me away
as if I could be the child
I always wished I could be

Oh, make believe
take my small hand in yours
lead me under the pale birch trees
rough and torn apart
hold me as I look through your branches
hiding from you, and you...

Yes, I'm ripped
my seams frayed

Oh, make believe mend my soul
taken in a summer night
and yet I was numb and frozen

You, yes you hurt me
long ago
and I remember the curtains
blowing away from the open windows
I would not, could not cry out

Oh, make believe
you whisper to the dolls
with their cracked faces
pretending to be whole; unbroken
you talk of love

You, oh you are only make believe...

Angela Minard 2012©