Sunday, December 9, 2012

Time For A Change

Artwork by Brooke Shaden~"What Keeps You Warm"
December is beginning strangely, the air thick and throbbing with uncharacteristic warmth. The smell of damp earth swelling has left me with a dizzying sense of unbalance. A quiet discontent has settled in my heart, a longing for something beyond the reach of my fingertips. I'm ready for a change, I know what I want, but there are obstacles blocking my path. Getting around them is going to take some time, and to be honest, I'm growing impatient. I have to trust that everything will happen when it is meant to happen.
Physically I have not felt well since right before Thanksgiving. I came down with a sore throat, fever, and strange body rash. I took a week off of work, it started to clear up, but then on Wednesday of this week, the same symptoms returned. I still went to work on Thursday and Friday, but was exhausted and miserable.  I've been resting this weekend, but it is cutting into my yoga practice, and I'm so tired of being sick. Being stuck in the house is only adding to my restlessness. The winds of December need to turn, hopefully bringing me some change.


Anonymous said...

Hi Angie! I love reading your blog, but I rarely comment because I am more of a silent observer. I had to comment on this post, though, when I read your symptoms. I may be projecting my illness on to you, but your symptoms sound a little bit like early stage Lyme Disease. It's probably just your run of the mill illness, but maybe get tested just to be safe.

Feel better soon!