Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Itch Of Madness

The Itch Of Madness

It was as if the pain of remembering was not enough
moments replayed in full color
revisited in my sleep
my mind riddled with so many bullet holes
and yet the blood continued to coarse through my veins
taunting me as it traveled away from my pulsing heart

I began to claw at my skin in the night
The winter brought an ache to my bones
each step becoming a broken reminder
Trying to sink into the numbness of hunger
the emptiness echoing into the silence
Waiting to disappear into a quiet place
but every sound was amplified, swallowed in noise
A cacophony of voices, each one fighting to be heard

I couldn't help but scratch the itch of madness
watching as my body was consumed in flames
trapped beneath burning flesh
as if the pain of remembering was not enough

Angela Minard 2013©