Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Little Things

Here are some pictures from Yoga In The Vines at Somerset Ridge Winery in Louisburg, Kansas. Yes, yoga and wine!!! I thought more than twice about posting the top picture, because it is after all, a picture of my butt, which I haven't always thought so fondly of, but it does a really good job of keeping me steady in this pose:-) I've been working hard on improving my body image this summer, and I see where I'm becoming more accepting. I'm sturdy and strong, healthy and alive, and holy shit, what else matters!? What did I ever think was so great about being a waif? Maybe it was a lack of expectation on the part of not only myself, but others. 
The other day in yoga class I had a very powerful moment with a friend of mine who is taking the teacher's training and was assisting the class. I was in a Warrior 2 pose, which is a deep lunge, arms open and reaching. She came up behind me and placed her palms beneath mine and told me to press hard. The combination of her supporting me, and yet connecting to my own strength was an amazing feeling. Even better was this comment that another friend made on her Facebook page.~ "Yesterday I wasn't feeling well and then two miraculous events occurred: I watched Nancy assist Angela in Warrior 2, and they were both pressing each others palms with all of their strength and I caught it out of the corner of my eye. It almost made me cry to watch both of you connect your power. Then, Emily, gave me the most blissful gift of a grounding massage. It's the little things."  We touch people every day and we don't even realize it. In the moment, I only knew what I was feeling, but our own powerful thoughts touch everyone around us. If I walk around thinking ugly thoughts about myself, that ugliness is spread around to everyone I touch. The more I connect to my own inner beauty, the more I'm surrounded with love. I was talking with another friend the other day after yoga class, and as we were saying goodbye, we hugged, but then she kissed me on the cheek. Her sweet gesture totally took me by surprise, and what I love even more about it is that even now, thinking about it brings me joy. Yes, it is the little things.


Landers said...

simply a smile... ;-)

Landers said...

Simply a smile... ;-)

8thday said...

I love this post! I have often appreciated when a friend touches my hand while talking to me, or a colleague touches my shoulder. I now try to incorporate those little gestures into my communication too. It is amazing how a simple physical connection can say so much.

And I am very, very impressed with your yoga style. I'm pretty sure I would just fall over from that pose.