Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Myth Of "Letting Go"


I think that often times we think of "letting go" as happening all at once, and because of this concept of releasing years of built up pain in one fowl swoop, we become overwhelmed, and give up on the whole idea. I'm realizing that this is not how "letting go" happens at all. It is a process of contemplation, grieving, celebration, and releasing in fits and starts. I have a feeling that we can loosen our grip, but that "letting go" is infinite and undefined. There are times when I think that I have let go of something, and then suddenly, boom! I'm blindsided by the hurt all over again, and I realize that what I had actually done was to shut down my emotions. I have been working very hard to not only allow, but accept my feelings, whatever they may be. It gets crazy sometimes! I used to avoid confrontation, but lately, when someone hurts me, I can take a step back, and say, "Hey, I don't deserve to be treated badly." If someone wants to let me go, it doesn't mean I'm not worth hanging on to. I'm more than worthy. "Letting go" is a myth. We are an accumulation of every moment and every person that has ever touched us. Embrace and surrender to everything that you are; for that is true freedom.
“Surrender creates equanimity and bliss because you release yourself from any attachment to the results.”   
    ~Annette Vaillancourt