Saturday, February 13, 2016


I have had this blog now for about 8 years
It began as a recovery journal 
and has evolved into a space for poetry
positive thoughts 
and how yoga was the catalyst for my healing
but it is no longer about my destruction 
My identity is not the many diagnoses I have procured throughout the years
I am not anorexic or a PTSD acronym
depressed or suicidal 
I am not manic or bi-polar 
I am not a label 
I am a person...
sometimes happy
and sometimes sad 
I am scared, overwhelmed, giddy, and devastated 
I am human 
I am joyful, and insecure
doubtful, and filled with hope...
We are all a kaleidoscope of brilliant colors
and when our colors radiate out 
the magnificence blinds me 
My identity is more complex than all of those meaningless descriptors 
and yet we can easily allow ourselves to become trapped inside of empty boxes
We begin to wear these labels as an excuse 
and although they can be necessary for treatment 
they are not meant to be crippling
What if we began describing ourselves by our abilities and not our supposed disabilities?
Try something different
If all you ever talk about are your illnesses 
your pain
and why you can't do something
 trust me; you are pushing people away
and it is not because people don't care
At a certain point
if you do not move beyond those lifeless adjectives
you will drown in them
You deserve a life filled with a mosaic of beautiful colors
so begin painting your world with a new pallete
and see what happens

Artwork by~ Carol Cavalaris


8thday said...

You have captured something so incredibly beautiful here. My therapist has just introduced me to the idea of PTG - Post Trauma Growth. You describe it much more poetically.

I am very happy to live in the same world as you.