Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Dedication Blog

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This blog is dedicated to my step-dad. I even hate to use the word step-dad , because in my heart, since he came into my life, he has been my dad. My real dad. I don't know what it is about him, but we have always just"clicked." I have always known that he just accepts me for who I am. He loves me for who I am. Maybe that unconditional love paired with someone who DOES NOT have to love you is what is so powerful. I think the fact that he is part of my life is some kind of a miracle. He also happens to be quite the character! I wrote a poem about him that I may have shared before, but he is worth a re-post. He sent me an e-mail today that just shook me to the core. I don't think that he will mind if I share. Love is love. It doesn't matter who it is from. All that matters is that it is acknowledged, accepted, and returned.

Portrait of My Father

I see you with your head bent down,
shoulders hunched,
shuffling around the house
in your black socks that leave balls of dark lint
all over mother's freshly vacuumed carpet.
I see you sitting on the couch
munching on Fritos,
grape jelly dripping from your sandwich onto the plate
as you make fun of the white trash on Jerry Springer.
I see you as you remove your glasses,
rubbing squinty ebony eyes,
preparing for a catnap
as the television blares loudly
in the background.
I see your patience
next to me,
with mother cowering
in the back seat, as I prepare to drive
over a sapling tree.
I see you as you take my arm
and walk with me
toward a new life.
"Get yourself together",
you lovingly whisper into my ear,
so I do as you say.
I see you in my mind
Your voice a guide,
although you're far away.
I see you
and I say to myself,
"I love you, Dad".

His e-mail to me:

I have never talked to you about things going on in your life with all these situations. I just thought that if you needed someone to call and have a good laugh, then that was me. But you need to know that you are always on my mind and that is why I call you from time to time to just say hello and that I love you very much. I especially like the calls from you and those calls make my day no matter what else is going on in my life. Keep them coming!!

I have always been the unemotional one in my family and continue to be that way. Please don't mistake that for not caring, it is just the way I am. I have always been a "fact of matter" kind of guy. I hope you know that I am there for you and if I need to get out of my comfort zone for you, I will.
I can not nor will I attempt to say I know what you are going through so I won't even attempt to say I do. You have had to deal with that and I am sorry for that. But I would like to see you take back your life and don't let someone else control you from the past. You are doing a good thing by trying to take back your life and not let them destroy it.
You and I have always been on the same page about life and we have had a lot of laughs together. When you are done with this we will have more laughs to share. As your mother and I get closer to retirement we will be able to spend more time together, perhaps on a nice cruise. Sound good?
I am very proud of you for doing this and your quality of life will get and be better. I am there for you and when you need me than I will do whatever you want. Well, not anything you want because sometimes you ask for too much. J
Don't worry about us; I am making Vic fix me dinner for Turkey Day so he will be my bitch that day. I gave him off and when I come home from work, dinner better be ready!!!!.
Your mother is happy to do whatever you guys need and you know she would because she loves you all very much.
So go take care of yourself and get better.

Get 'er done!!!
We will talk soon.
Love, Donn

This was my response~
I always know that you care about me. I don't ever question that at all. I never have. You made your way into my heart from day one, and not once have you ever let me down. I don't want to ever let you down.

You do always make me laugh. Even right now I smile just thinking about you.
I know that you are here. I will "Get er done!!!"

Love always,
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