Thursday, November 15, 2007

Random Worries And Silly Obsessions

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I cannot sleep tonight. The wind outside is rushing through the trees, and I have the strongest urge to fling open my front door and run howling through the darkness. Just run away...
Such drama! It is 3:00 a.m. and I have four hours until I go and get all of my lab work done. I don't feel the least bit tired right now. My stomach is too tied up in knots to sleep, and my mind is just filled with to do lists, questions, and other random worries. Let's talk about the random worries~
I read through the Renfrew welcome packet and it lists what items you should bring, and what not to bring. No hair dye! This is a worry! I'm a bit obsessed with my roots. I dye my hair every few weeks. I'm not even sure what color my hair really is anymore, so I'm thinking that I should dye it darker so that the roots will be less noticeable. Hmmm... Also, no perfume because of the alcohol content. I rarely drink my perfume, but whatever. I will have roots and smell bad. I also am very attached to my tweezers and razors which I can bring, but will have to ask for every time I want to use them. I tweeze and shave on a regular, and I mean REGULAR basis. I consider both an ongoing daily process...
Speaking of processes, unpacking my belongings is going to be very invasive.They will go through everything that I bring. I'm really dreading that for some reason, even though I will make sure that I don't bring any contraband. I'm just very private when it comes to my personal space.
Aren't those just some crazy worries? Minor stuff to keep my mind from the major issues. Oh well...
If you read this, then thanks for keeping me company.
Much love,
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