Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Magic Fairy

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I had my last therapy session before I leave for Renfrew. Dave went with me, and it was very emotionally draining for all of us. Even my therapist cried! She gave me her magic fairy doll that she has always kept in her office. She told me that it was very special to her, but that I could borrow it while I was away. She knows how much I always worry that people are going to leave me, so she figured that if she gave me something of hers that was important to her, then I would know that she wasn't going anywhere. She would still be here for me when I return. She made me promise to bring her fairy back safe and sound. She is just the best therapist. My nutritionist was also able to get me in tonight. I just really needed to be able to see her before I left. I feel such a huge connection with both my therapist and nutritionist. I am really going to miss them!
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Tomorrow I go and get my lab work and EKG done, and then I will go and talk to my work about a leave of absence. I will most likely be flying to Florida on Monday, and then be admitted Tuesday morning. Everything is happening so fast, which is good, because otherwise I would probably try to back out. I'm going to miss Dave and the boys so much. It makes my heart ache horribly just thinking about it. I just keep telling myself, "I am strong, I am worthy, I am a warrior woman!" Hopefully one day very soon I will try on that phrase, and it will be more than just words. I will try it on, it will fit, and I will wear it well!
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