Thursday, January 3, 2008


I was supposed to go out to dinner and a movie tonight, but things didn't work out. A friend of Dave's came over to watch football. I've basically been knitting for most of the day. I'm bored at the moment and feeling a bit lonely. I am uncomfortable in my body today, but I have still stuck to my meal plan even though it has been a battle. Sometimes I feel as if my body is a war zone. I just want to make peace with it. I have moments when I can accept myself as I am, and for now that will have to be enough. I just have to push through the days like today. It is times like now that I really miss being at Renfrew. Surrounded by women who understood and were feeling some of the same feelings. There was always somebody around to talk to. Alone in my head is not always the best place for me to be. I'm so tired and hoping to wake up in a better place tomorrow.