Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The 1000 Journals Project

"The 1000 Journals Project is an ongoing collaborative experiment attempting to follow 1000 journals throughout their travels. The goal is to provide a method for interaction and shared creativity among friends and strangers. Those who find the journals add something to them. A story, drawing, photograph, anything really. Then they pass the journal along, to a friend or stranger, and the adventure continues." For more information about the book or documentary, go to
I thought that this was such a wonderful idea, especially for survivors of sexual abuse. So many of us keep our abuse a secret, but there is such freedom in breaking the silence. I kept my secret for almost thirty years, until it began to eat away at my soul. What I could not say out loud, I was able to write. I wrote every detail and memory that I could think of, and then I gave it to my therapist to read. Eventually I was able to talk about what had happened to me, and the more that I could talk about it, the less power it had over my life.
I started a journal for survivors of sexual abuse to share their story, poetry, and artwork. This will be an ongoing project, with the journal circulating throughout the country. There is such power in breaking the silence. If you would like to sign up to receive the journal, there are five spaces open at the moment. Go to and sign up for journal #2800.


Beautifuldreamer said...

I tried to sign up for your journal and couldn't find it. Is it too late? Say it ain't so!!