Saturday, April 12, 2008

Between Here And There

There are times when I feel frustrated with my perceived lack of progress, or of taking a step backward on the road to recovery. My nutritionist is always reminding me that the recovery process is rarely linear, but full of peaks and valleys. Today I read this post by Lumina, at, that made me feel so much better about being "stuck" in a valley at the moment.

The Time Between Creations, by Lumina

"What you perceive as a void or lull, is nothing more than the space between creations. While it may feel as though time is being wasted, there is no such thing. You could not waste time if you tried, for you are always creating. You may not always be aware of the process, but it exists whether or not you are actively participating. The time between creations is just as important and just as magnificent as the manifestation itself. If you could remember to honor and celebrate the space between, this “black hole” you perceive can instead become a white light. Sit in what feels like nothingness if but for a moment and breathe. Be thankful that you do not always have to be moving whether forward or backward. It is is OKAY to be still. Embrace this stillness; this quiet. Learn to “turn off” so that you may be “turned on” to life and love when it appears. Enjoy the “in betweens” for they are but the promise of what lies ahead."


Lumina said...

Omg Angela,

I sit here teary eyed because I just came here, first time, am reading newest first, just commented above, and now read this. As I was reading your words about "steps backward" I thought to myself, "OH! I have a channel about steps backward! Where is it!? What is the title! I must find it, scan it to see if she may find comfort!"

And then I read on...and my heart swelled as the tears welled.
Since you are a writer, you know how much it means when what you share touches another.

Thank you for the wonderful moment.

PS To be honest, I don't read too many blogs. There is just so much out there, that if I tried to read all the ones that interest me? I would do nothing else...but I just put yours in my faves. The Survivor in me will forever, no matter how "healed," will always love connecting and feeling with other Survivors.