Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Hummingbird Dream


The hummingbird holds a special meaning for my husband and I, so in honor of him, and also, because it is Father's Day, I thought that I would share this story.

Twelve years ago, my husband was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor called an astrocytoma. Although benign, the tumor is touching his brainstem, making total removal, as of yet, unsuccessful. He has had two craniotomies to remove what they can, and surgeons have said that they will be unable to perform a third. Radiation treatment is the next treatment option. Fortunately this type of tumor is slow growing.

When Dave was in the hospital, after his second surgery, drugged up on morphine and in horrible pain, he awoke from a restless sleep, calling out for me. He asked me if I had seen the hummingbird that had been flying around the room. I told him no, that I had been asleep. Excitedly, he described his vision of a hummingbird, filling the room with beautiful colors. The brightest most brilliant colors he had ever seen. He seemed so disappointed that I had not been awake to see it, and was certain that it had not been a dream.He was trying so hard not to cry as he told me that he knew now that it was not time for him to die. The hummingbird had sent him a message filled with hope and life.

A Hummingbird Dream

The hummingbird's
of mosaic colors
bounce along
the hospital walls.

drug induced mumbling...
The hopeful beauty
of living.

I feel your dream,
but no,
my eyes,
they do not see.

The hummingbird's
whirring wings,
they sing...
of many days
left to share.

I do not hear,
but I believe.
Oh yes!
I do believe.
You're coming home
with me!

Angela Minard©


The Speaker said...

This story has made the first page of Journal 2800 so much more beautiful. Thank you Dave and thank You beautiful Angie! Happy Father's Day.

Anonymous said...

Thought of the Day for "Father's Day:

"Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for." - Joseph Addison

Love and Best Wishes to both of you.

Mari & Donn

Anonymous said...

that was absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing:)

Lucy Lopez said...

Hi Angela! What a stunningly beautiful website you have, even if the dark text is not that easy to read...

And what a journey you've had with your life so far...I wish you and your loved ones the peace, joy, limitlessness, freedom and wisdom that you naturally are! Lucy


What a beautiful story. My brother had a diabetic coma and was clinically dead and had a similar vision but it was not a hummingbird-more just peaceful images. So amazing.

Waterrose said...

Thank you for sharing that story. And the poem is beautiful

Waterrose said...

Thank you for sharing that story. And the poem is beautiful