Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Heart Of A Warrior


The Heart Of A Warrior

The heart of a warrior
dips and soars
Held by a
precarious child...

Bravery wields
her sword
Wavering high
above her eyes...
so afraid.

Holding on
to all that is hers.
Dignity, strength,
the courage to win.

Not only surviving,
but thriving
with ironlike talons

Clinging to hope.
Believing that
justice prevails.
The heart of a warrior
takes flight.

Angela Minard 2008©


Sunny said...

This gave me goosebumps...I LOVE IT. I especially love the part about not only surviving but thriving "with ironlike talons." That was AWESOME!

Is said...

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Anonymous said...

Key words: Bravery, Dignity, Strength, Courage, Believing, Hope. Read these words over and over every day. Post them around your new desk area. Hang them from the ceiling! Tape them to the wall! Wrap them around your new pencils! Whatever it takes to keep feeding yourself the messages you need. Feed yourself. Feed your soul. Feed your spirit. You've been starving yourself for too long! It's not just about the food in your body, it's also about the nourishment you need in your soul. Once you take care of one, the other will follow. There is no room for this new warrior AND Claudia in your life. I hope you will be inspired to write a goodbye to Claudia and embrace this new warrior! Then, and only then, will you truly be set free.

Anonymous said...

wonderfully had power to it...
Not only surviving,
but thriving
with ironlike talons

Venus said...

My therapist likes to say "Don't survive...thrive!!!" Venus