Thursday, August 7, 2008


I can see from the comments I have received recently, that I have a few very protective cheerleaders in my corner. Thanks, MOM:-)

I realize that sometimes my blog can be dark and filled with disturbing thoughts...mainly because that is sometimes where my head is, and I don't censor my writing to please my readers. I share these in the hopes that someone else who may also be fighting the same demons will know that they are not alone. I know that some of my posts may be worrisome...especially to my loved ones, and for that, I apologize. This journey towards healing is not always sunshine and cotton candy. It is hard, and I struggle, but I am recovering, and I plan on winning. I have a large support team, and I am honest with them so that I can get the treatment that I need. It is trial and error, especially with medications, and the process can be, and has been rocky, but I feel that I'm on the uphill climb.

I had a great therapy session last evening, and we talked about what triggered my last dissociative episode. We were then able to piece together events from the weekend to figure it out, and make more sense out of why it happened. Today I feel grounded, strong, and ready to continue this fight!


MOM said...

Angie,Angie you're the one,
Go gettum girl and get er done!
Lord- did that sound like Donn,
but it's MOM

Sassy Mama Bear said...

Love having a cheerleader...and a mom is the best. Cherish that, I do not have that in mine. In fact my mom is one of my largest triggers.
My kids are my cheerleaders though, and I love them for that so much.
a good session can revitalize our soul.
I love that you release yourself here honestly, not many people will share the darker side of the mind, but people need to know about what some of us struggle with day in and day out.
From a Mama Bear in WI

Angel said...

Thank you MOM and Mama Bear<3

Anonymous said...

I agree, you shouldn't censor your writing. But when you put yourself on the world wide web, exposing yourself to every single person in the world, you are asking anyone and everyone to be a part of this blog. Why do you want to censor all of the "negative" feedback (having your mom yell at anyone who doesn't agree with you) and will only accept the positive. People who have gone through and who are going through the same thing you are (you keep thinking these are people who don't understand your trauma, but actually do), are the people that are responding. Just because they aren't a "cheerleader" does not mean they don't have valid points and advice. As my therapist always told me, "It's better to be challenged than to be enabled." Just remember, along with cheerleaders in your life, you also need good coaches.

Angel said...

I'm not censoring anyone's feedback, and I'm open to listening to all advice that is given, it is just not always do-able. I would love to go back to Renfrew, but insurance would not cover a longer stay, and we are tapped out, so that advice isn't an option at the moment.

I'm not having my mom yell at anyone. She has her own free will to do that as a somewhat over-protective mother at times.

I appreciate and welcome all constructive criticism and advise. I'll also take cheerleaders:-)

Anonymous said...

You deserve everyone in the world to be your cheerleader, and I wish a simple cheer could fix everything. I wish we could all have our own personal cheerleading section so I'm wishing you days filled with happy cheers!