Thursday, September 25, 2008

On My Own


I'm feeling a bit lost with my husband out of town on a golf trip with his college buddies. He left yesterday, and last night I felt so lonely without him in the bed sleeping next to me. Usually he is still sleeping when I'm getting ready for work in the morning, so I try to be quiet, but this morning I could be as loud as I wanted, so I turned up my music, and even sang along, so that was kind of nice. I'm trying to find the bright side of his absence. What else...Let's see...I didn't cook last night. We just ordered pizza, and I let the boys hook up their video games to Dave's big screen T.V., which he never lets them do. Boy, will he be mad when he reads this! Oh well :-D
Justice has a football game on Saturday, and Roman plays on Sunday, so that will keep me somewhat busy. I'm going to go to the craft store, and buy some yarn for knitting. I think that I will try to learn how to knit hats, which I haven't tried yet. It would be nice to give scarf and hat sets as Christmas gifts. My goal for this weekend is to try to stay relaxed, and just be kind to myself.


Anonymous said...

It's so refreshing to read entries now that are not laced with self-hate and negativity. Can't you just feel the energy shifting in your mind and body when you are being positive? You are accepting where you are and working on being OK with that. It's nice to not have to read about how everything is going wrong, and seeing you relax in to everything that is right in your life. If you shift gears to accept a life that does not have to be so heavy all the time, you will begin to feel the weight lifted and will be able to actually enjoy the life you have. You may argue with this, but the past really does not just doesn't. It's the present you need to live in so keeping do that!

Angel said...

I'm really trying to stay in the present, and while I don't think the past matters so much at this point, it was still something that I needed to address and deal with in order to be able to move forward, especially in regards to recovering from the eating disorder. It does feel good to be moving toward the light though:)

Rayne said...

Come to my blog, there's a Brilliant Weblog giftie for you. :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Angela

Just letting you know that the MW Society has closed down for a few weeks while we revamp the format and direction, change locations and the overall look. I'll let you know when we are back up and running.

Juliet said...

I totally understand... I hate when my husband is out of town. All I have to distract me from his absence are our two wonderful dogs. I live in a rural area, work from home, go to school online and don't have a single "in person" friend in the area.

It's hard to have my beloved best friend be away... hang in there until he's home!!!