Friday, October 31, 2008


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I'm still very near tears after a horrible time spent in my closet this morning. None of my pants fit, and I know that it is ridiculous to be this upset over it, and yet I feel just sick and disgusted with myself over it. No, it doesn't matter what size I am, and I know that it has nothing to do with who I am as a person, so why can't I get past this?


Beaderjojo said...

Sounds likt time to treat yourself to a flattering cut of NEW pants. Maybe a new haircut or a manicure.
Something to make yourself feel wonderful. =)

Chin up.

Anonymous said...

Let me just preface this, that my response is a little assertive, so you may not want to read past this sentence. But when I am feeling self-pity sometimes I need someone to do that for me. I guess my first question would be why are you holding onto clothes that no longer fit. That speaks volumes! You still can't let go and do what you need to in order to walk away from Claudia. Donate your clothes that no longer fit! Give them to someone who doesn't have any clothes in their closet to wear. Perhaps that will force you to look outside of yourself and realize there are people out there that don't care what they look like, and only want something to clothe them. The best cure for feeling sorry for ourselves is giving of ourselves to someone who has less than us. That quickly puts things in perspective. You have to dig down deep and find the strength to do whatever you have to do to keep telling yourself that these small insignificant things really don't matter. There are alot of people who would love to be able to open their closet and just find a pair of pants to wear. They wouldn't care how they fit. Do you know why? Because they are just so grateful for being able to get up that day and pull something out of their closet to wear. Do you know how those people get through the day? They just keep telling themselves over and over again that it will get better and that THEY are better than what is trying to hold them down. Every day every person in this world is having to play a recorded message in their head telling themselves something to get them through the day. EVERYONE.