Thursday, November 13, 2008


"Tree of Light"
Artwork by Rita Loyd

I'm at home for awhile writing some social stories and play scripts for my
autism students, but I'm taking a break at the moment because I'm feeling very emotional. My therapist and nutritionist are out of town at the Renfrew Conference in Philadelphia, and it is this same time last year that I called them at the conference to tell them that I wanted to go in-patient. I feel like I have come so far, and not so far, all at the same time, which is a very strange feeling. I guess that there is a part of me that thought the eating disorder would magically disappear by this point, and that is so far from where I really am. It is still such a struggle, and maybe it was wishful thinking to believe it would all be gone by now. That is okay. I'm still up for the fight. This year's anniversary has just really hit me hard and it has taken me by surprise that I'm so emotional about it. Last year I was in treatment during the Thanksgiving holiday, but this year I will be able to spend it at home with my family, and for that, I am so thankful.