Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mind And Body


"Silencing the Inner Critic"
Art work by Rita Lyon

Since Tuesday's emotional meltdown, I have been focusing more on taking care of my mind and body, and it seems to be helping. I've been walking on the treadmill at the end of the day, and that seems to calm my mind down and relieve some of the stress and anxiety that tends to build up. I had a great therapy session on Wednesday, and I was actually able to touch on some of the anger that I've been feeling. We talked about how I have been to this point before but the anger always scares me so much that I use the eating disorder to cope with those feelings instead of owning them. Without the eating disorder, I feel a great deal of panic, and there have been days that I find myself using it as a life line. I'm still very afraid to let go of it completely, but I'm working hard at confronting all of the feelings that I have avoided for so long.


Psych Client said...

Hi, just stopping by. I really like your blog. I can relate to many of your posts. I'm not ready to call myself a survivor of anything after three years of therapy, I'm still not in touch with my feelings.

Anyway, I color mandalas and it is so calming. I use colored pencils. I wish I would've known about these long ago.

Anyway, just thought that idea might help. Take care

52 Faces said...

Angela, What an absolute joy to meet you (and through the usually useless entrecard, no less!)

This is inspirational for me, who is also walking out of childhood abuse of sort. It's wonderful to see this space.