Tuesday, January 27, 2009

With Abandon

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With Abandon

I want to drift
through lavender fields.
The petals so soft
like the fingers
of children,
laying hands
on my face.
Bringing their kisses.
The sun bursting lips.
The warm blush of roses.

I want to twirl
and spin in the rain
The pelting of tears,
the pin pricks of pain.
Barefoot laughter.
Dancing in time,
to the dripping rhythm
and rhyme.

I want to sing.
Pounding keys,
plucking strings.
A melody rising,
resounding within.
Staccato, fortissimo.
The march of my heart.
Beating wild...

Angela Minard 2009©


Rose Works Jewelry said...

This makes me want to dance!

Jane Doe said...

Wonderful! A powerful, vividly descriptive piece that encourages celebrating life. It makes me want to dance in the rain!

MamaFlo said...

How beautiful and happy, just a plain glorious photo.

ESCUDERO said...

The poem is spectacular, and that photo both make me long for the winter to be GONE!

Thanks for the post - it was beautiful!

dragon29 said...

Loved the poem, but that picture is beautiful.