Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dear Body...


I read about this exercise on another blog called The Anatomy Of A Survivor, and I thought that it sounded like a good one to try for myself.

A Letter To My Body

Dear Body,
I can find nothing about you
to celebrate
besides my children
and it hurts.
Your betrayal haunts me,
and all of the rage that I feel
is taken out on you.
My silent hunger screams
inside of your skin,
but no matter how empty,
the heavy weight of you
will not let go.
You only remind me to feel ashamed.
Touched and taken with such hate
that I find it hard to love you,
and for that, I am truly sorry.
You have nothing to apologize for.
You should not have to ask
for permission to exist.
I'm still learning to let you
take up the space that you deserve.
The fullness and discomfort that I feel
makes me want to crawl out from under you,
but I will try to stay until...
you become a part of me.


Eva Marie said...

Wow! That really touched home with me, and reminded me how I once felt about myself oh so long ago...chilling..and I am so glad it just brought back a distant memory, not a current one.

Jill said...


Webbielady said...

Beautiful... But is this really what you feel? if yes, this is really intriguing why..why do you feel so for your very own body?

clean and crazy said...

beautiful post, I do not like my body either, and summer is coming and i hate shorts, I am using the word hate here and this is so very profound that you wrote this like you wrote this for me. I am working on my 6th step and removing my character defects is difficult, insecure about the body I live in is just one of the things i need to be rid of, I need to go to the gym more and mot focus on quick fix it pills, that is addict thinking and i need to do what is right even though i talk myself out of it so much. really love this post thanks

Eva Marie said...

Just wanted to stop by and let you know that this post of yours spawned what I wrote today -

My Enemy Was The Mirror -

Stop by when you can:

MrsMenopausal said...

You have such a powerful ability to express your feelings and thoughts. I hate the struggle that you face but am so grateful for your honesty and for the way that you acknowledge what you know you need to do despite how you're feeling.

Thank you so much for sharing this on my blog, too. I know many will be touched by it.