Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good Feelings


My pick for winner of American Idol ~Adam Lambert~

I'm just kicking back tonight, getting ready to watch American Idol, and sucking on a grape Tootsie Pop. I've really been in a very good mood so far this week, and my anxiety has decreased quite a bit since last week. No panic attacks, and that has been so nice! It was just last week that I was thinking that my medication wasn't working, and this week I feel great. I got up again this morning and walked with my neighbor, and maybe the exercise in the morning is boosting my mood. I think that it is helping me to start the day with less anxiety. I have therapy tomorrow, and I'm not even sure what I want to talk about. That is certainly a change! My therapist is always saying that eventually I will only have to see her for "tune ups," but to tell you the truth, I have very mixed feelings about that. I'm very attached to my therapist. I have been seeing her for over three years, and I will really miss her when it gets to that point. Listen to me...talking about the end of therapy. I must be feeling good!... and on that note... I think I will end this post:-)


Nancy said...

WooHoo! So glad to hear this week is starting off well! May your up days outnumber your downs! Love you!

Angel said...

ThanKs Nancy!
Love you too:)

clean and crazy said...

good for you I am so glad to hear you are feeling better, exercise does help it releases endorphins and those are like little happy things running through your brain.

audreyscountrycrafts said...

I like him too. Just started watching. There are quite a few good ones this year.
He should sing a Queen song one week, would do a great job!!

Dolly's Diary said...

Hi Angela,
Sooo happy to hear you are feeling better. I haven't followed Idol this season but he looks like one,
Take Care and keep up the good work,
Janet :)