Saturday, May 23, 2009

Just A Few Pounds


Ahhhh, I'm really struggling today. I look at pictures of myself now, and I look so fat compared to old pictures of myself, and I like the old pictures better. Such shallow thoughts...but still it is hard, and I can't stop crying right now. My therapist asked me some questions the other day when I told her that I was feeling fat and hating my body. She asked me if I was happy, and I said yes. She asked me if I thought I was a better wife and mother now, and I said yes. Then she said, " Maybe that is worth feeling fat sometimes." I'm not happy at this moment, and I just have to believe that it will pass, and that I will learn to accept who and where I am now. At this moment, I'm on the all yogurt diet, until I can lose some weight. I know that is my eating disorder talking, but I feel as if I have to have some control, and for now, it is making me feel better. For now, I just want to feel better. Maybe I will make an emergency call to my nutritionist, and she can help me through this. I feel so alone right now. I tell myself just a few pounds, and it will all be okay...


Mike Golch said...

Please just donot over due the yogert may fell fat,but are your really truely???

MrsMenopausal said...

Hi, Angela. Hang in there!
Can you please contact me? The email addy I have for you is no longer working. Thanks.