Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Liar's Lament


A Liar's Lament

I've never been able to read your writing,
but in my hands I hold your regret
Fingertips touching sorrow
for what you have lost
I believe that you are sorry
only for yourself
I remember standing on your toes
and looking up.
It was only a moment
lost in time, and so very far away
Trust and believing has faded into
a numbing nothingness
I've waited and still
when it comes to you
I have no voice
My words are everything to me
All that cannot be stolen
or changed to fit your perceptions
of who I should be
You have been lost in my silence
and like a scream that dissipates
into the cold night air,
you finally disappear

Angela Minard 2009©


Ann said...

Love your poem. I just noticed your Wednesday post, don't know how I missed it the other day. I hope all went well with the new student. Breakfast is always tough for me. I know what you mean about not enough time in the morning. All I manage to squeeze in is coffee and a piece of toast.

Anonymous said...

Hi Angela,

I stumbled upon your blog yesterday and I would like to say that you are a beautiful writer and that I'm looking forward to reading more about you. From what I've read so far it sounds like you and I struggle with some of the same things-- I'd really appreciate it if you'd stop by my blog sometime (

Sending you well-wishes,

clean and crazy said...

so is this one for who i think it is. very eloquent and sweet. is it enough for you to let go now. i hope so the depth of your writing must give you some great relief. you have a gift with words. don't quit writing and never give up you are amazing.

Christa Bledsoe said...

Hello Angela. I just visited from Entrecard. What a great poem, it was very well written which is nice because its hard to find good poetry. This was my first reading, but I look forward to reading more of your writings. Thank you for sharing.

PJ said...

you have a beautiful soul angela and are perfect just as you are. that can never be taken away from you. embrace your emotions, all of them, and let them flow through you back into the universe. breathe in the love and with your exhale push out the darkness. with these words that you have written i see you letting go. very powerful, freeing words.

much love to you my friend...xoxox

Wanda's Wings said...


Shinade aka Jackie said...

I love it Angela. There are power in your words. Power that is yours and only yours!!

This says a lot to me that you are working through things. To verbalize your feelings about this is a wonderful and progressive step!!

I hope you have a good week.:-)

Kimmy said...

Angela, I am happy to find your writings. Your writing has a style all of it's own. You speak from the soul, and your mind. This torment was like your mind finally catching up with your heart. Amazing how you capture emotions that I could never put into words.

Shinade aka Jackie said...

Hi Angel! just popping in to say good night and sweet dreams!

I just love your poems. I hope you have a good day tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

Well done! I love the aliteration in this piece! I really liked the part about looking up and also this:

when it comes to you
I have no voice

Nice job!


enchantedoak said...

I just composed my own blog for the first time tonight, and checked labels for recovery, found you, have many things in common. I'm thrilled to find you do poetry too. I also have an amazing husband, am recovering from many things, and believe in the power of expressing ourselves. Please visit my blog. I need some feedback!