Sunday, October 18, 2009

Andy Warhol, IHOP, and Not Eating Much


I'm awake at the crack of dawn, when I could be sleeping in. I just don't sleep well without Dave in bed next to me. He will be getting home sometime this afternoon though, and tomorrow morning I won't want to drag my sorry ass out of bed! I really kept myself busy this weekend, and it turned out to be a very good weekend. I went out for happy hour on Friday with some friends, and found myself eating breakfast at IHOP at 3:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. It was a fun evening. I haven't stayed out partying that late in a very long time. On Saturday afternoon, I went with a friend to see the Andy Warhol exhibit, and then we went shopping. I bought some new yarn for scarf knitting, and started working on a scarf for my friend last night. It is soft and fuzzy, and I already love how it is turning out.
I know that this post is probably a boring breakdown of my weekend, but I'm glad that I had things to do instead of sitting around and stewing in my own mind. I haven't done so well with food this weekend though, and I'm not quite sure why. Maybe it is just because Dave is out of town, and eating feels like a chore. I've lost a bit more weight, and two pair of those jeans that have been taunting me in my closet finally fit again. I'm happy about that because I wanted to fit into my clothes again, and they aren't my really sick jeans, so I feel like it is okay. The eating disorder would love for me to lose more weight, but I don't feel like I have to listen to that. I'm more comfortable in my body than I have been in awhile, and while I want to get back on track with my eating, I am finding it very difficult. I'm in a bad pattern of skipping breakfast and lunch, and then eating a small amount of dinner, or just some chips and salsa. I'm glad that I'm writing that here, because it makes me take a closer look at what I'm actually eating, which is not much. In fact, I think right now I'm going to go and fix myself a bowl of oatmeal. I might as well start now if I'm going to get myself back on the right path.


Ann said...

Not a boring breakdown of your weekend at all. I love the cheery tone it has to it when you are describing what you did. Though you may not be eating much at least you are eating something, just keep working on increasing it a little at a time. How was that oatmeal?

Angel said...

Haven't gotten to the oatmeal yet, but I will:)

Josh said...

There's nothing like a checking out Andy Warhol's work. And sounds like making a home-made scarf right before winter is a pretty darn good present!

Next time you're hungry you may want keep in mind that IHOP has been exposed for cruelty to animals in its supply chain. Check it out:

Have fun with Dave back in town!