Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Therapy Anger

I'm getting ready to go to therapy. I'm angry with my therapist, and plan on telling her so. Confrontation and anger are not something that I'm good at. I have a very difficult time showing anger or telling someone that I'm angry. I'm so upset that she threatened to stop seeing me. I don't think that is right. Is she going to stop seeing me next because I'm not eating like I should be? She also wanted me to take Antabuse, which is a medication that can make you violently ill if you drink alcohol while taking it. I think that is so extreme and harsh, and there is no way in hell that I'm taking it. It has some very scary side effects. She has even said that she doesn't think that I'm an alcoholic, only that she thinks I'm headed in that direction. This whole think has been blown way out of proportion. Grrrr...I'm mad!!!
Okay. I'm going now.


PJ said...


Saving Grace said...

I understand your anger! And I think you have every right to feel your anger. My T did the same thing only with DBT, not AA. And it isn't fair because it feels like being abandoned all over again!
I will be watching to see how it goes...I hope it works out for you....
Unconditional acceptance from me to you!
~ Grace

Lee said...

Maybe time for you to work with someone else? Trust your instincts!

Pblacksaw said...

I have given this great blog an award.. please pop over to my page to get it!

Anonymous said...

Go get her girl!!! It is important to have a person you can trust and "want" to follow their suggestions. I'm not sure what kind of person she is, but I don't believe treatment with threats is good therapy.


Don't over react, just think your way through this and see if there is something she is suggesting without saying it.

Be like Gibbs on your "guy".

Love.....angry ole man in Florida