Sunday, February 7, 2010


Separations Of Self

Lying on the floor coloring
Winnie The Pooh,
you sit on the stairs,
dried mascara making tracks
down your cheeks.
He walks out the front door,
leaving it open a crack.
Just enough sunlight
to watch the dust
swirling in the air,
wishing there was a magic
place to run to.
Instead, your voice breaks
with the words you had never
wanted to say.
The warmth of your arms
feels like a dream,
and for a moment,
eyes closed, pretending...
It is all understood.
Nothing stays the same.

Moving away from childhood
into the unknown darkness,
the monsters, one by one
show their faces,
hiding in shadow,
reaching out.
The nightmares begin.
Loneliness is an empty companion
with cold hands.

Inhaling with labored breaths,
choking on the silence,
while rough hands grope.
Stealing what is left
of innocence,
hope turns to shame.
It becomes peaceful to hide within,
slipping away into nothingness.
The splintered mind takes over,
masking the fear.
Finding a safe place,
like the black and white pages
of a coloring book.

Angela Minard 2010©