Friday, July 16, 2010

Star Wings


Star Wings

Glimpses of you sleeping,
your arm thrown protectively
over my body.
Feeling smothered
but afraid to move,
afraid to lose in this war.
In the light
there was no fight
we could not win.
Only you,
always there.
The fear sent me
deep inside of your soul
where I could hide.
Slipping from beneath you,
raising your arm
I finally creep to my bed,
ready to breathe
on my own.

Angela Minard 2010©

I wrote this poem about my mom. It was after the rape, and I would climb into her bed where I felt safe and protected. She didn't know about the trauma, but being home, and away from my dad felt comforting after such an ordeal. I knew that I also needed to cope on my own with such a horrible secret, and that is what I did. I had to breathe on my own.


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