Friday, September 3, 2010

Dreading Work Today

I'm sitting here dreading going to work right now. Yesterday I was working with a student who was repeatedly attempting to hit me, and finally connected, hitting me in the side of my ribcage, and knocking the air out of me. I've never been hit so hard before, and it left me pretty shook up. I left school near tears, thinking, "oh my God, I can't do this." I can't be beat up every day. I'm primarily left alone with this student, so the majority of the time, I don't have any back up or help, and he is a fairly large, overweight kid, with a powerful punch. This year has just gone from bad to worse, and I'm so frustrated and stressed. Yesterday, all I could manage to eat was a small amount of salad in the evening. My stomach is tied in knots all of the time. Anyway...I just needed to vent. I have to get ready to do combat.


Wanda's Wings said...

Oh I hope your day is better and you remain safe.

Ann said...

So sorry you had such a bad day. i would think that when working with children that can be potentially dangerous they would have you working in teams, just my opinion. Hope it gets better, hang in there. Think LONG WEEKEND :)

Paula said...

I am sorry to hear, hope you were safe. Self care! You might like or even love your job, yet working with these children might be a bit to much currently. Please you ahve to be and FEEL safe first and foremost. Hugs across the pond

Miriam said...

Honey, I'm so sorry that work is so difficult! I wish I could just take all of your stress away for you. It will get easier, though, after a longer time than you thought possible. Hang in there sweetheart! And be safe. I will be thinking of you so much xoxo

Anonymous said...

It's T....didn't feel like logging in.

Oh gosh, Angie. That really sucks. Seems like with a student like this, a second person would be mandatory. The others know about his behavior, right?

Anyway...sorry it's been rough for you. I hope it improves. Maybe you'll get lucky and the boy will move! ;-) Kidding...well, sort of.

Love ya.

Angela said...

Hi Theresa:)
I'm hoping to get another person to be with me. Others definitely know about the behavior. He needs a different placement.

Love you too!