Monday, September 6, 2010

Save Me


Save Me

Another morning twisted in sheets
always running to nowhere, it seems
The road stretching endlessly
before and behind
with curves thrown in
and I'm unprepared

Limbs flailing
fingers clawing for solid ground
Reaching and searching
My eyes frantically scan the horizon
hoping for a glimpse of you
before drowning in this sea of goulish faces
their hollow laughter echoing in my ears
Begging for a savior
I lift my tattered voice to the wind

Angela Minard 2010©


Wanda's Wings said...

I like this. So much emotion!

Ann said...

So sad and emotional. I do hope your doing ok today

HONEY said...

i'm always astonished by the beautiful words you string together :)

Lisa said...

honey took the words right out of my but have such a talent for this.

take care
stay strong

Angela said...

You are all so kind. I truly appreciate it:)
Ann, I am doing ok today. Thanks for asking and caring!

Anonymous said...

Who are you looking for?


Angela said...

Would it matter?

Kelsey said...

its amazing how the feelings hinted at depression is twisted into the words as it goes into a mindless journey of desperation and void! very nice!!

Sina said...

It's very nice and full of emotion..