Monday, September 27, 2010

You Can't See Me


The cursor blinks at me, and I'm almost hypnotised by the vertical black line. The words type themselves. Silently you read them, and form the sentences in your mind, and you become a part of my mind. You are now part of me. This box is my voice when I cannot speak. Hunched over the keys, my fingers fly, then falter, hovering above the letters, whispering inside of my head. Yes...this is what I want to say, and yet there is so much more. "You have to get it out," she says. "I know," I say, or do I even talk aloud. I cannot remember now. I mostly nod, although I know that she can't see me. You can't see me either.


clean and crazy said...

i love your work. it is beautiful and sad, i hope this is helping you feel better.

this really is a lovely peice. you are gifted and talented beyond measure, and i don't even need to see you to know how beautiful you are.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

So poignant and a powerful message. Your words always make me think and see in a new light. Check out my blog. I am now publishing a poetry ezine on it and would love your poetry on there if you so choose.

Blue Butterfly said...

I can't see you, but I hear you.


Wanda's Wings said...

Being able to get out some of the feeling by typing the words helps so much. Continue to pour out your heart. We are hear for you.

Paula said...

Angela, you are such a talented writer. you weave your pain into worsd, getting it out. Liek said before, I may not see you but I hear you. That is a preety good start! When I strated trauma therapy, I painted me always wihtout a face. no one could see me therefore, I had no idendity. By now i have a face. And I love it. It can be done. Hugs to you

Missy said...

I guess you are in a darker place recently and I just want you to know I have Faith that you will pull yourself out.

I am glad you are finding outlet in writing.


neferiti said...

I have always loved your writing. Your writing is very therapeutic and it has the ability to touch the souls of those who read you. Know that WE ALL support you. We might not be able to see you but we definitely do hear you through your written word. There is personal power in your writing.