Saturday, December 18, 2010

In The Spirit


Today I did a little shopping, cleaned parts of the house, had the boys help put up and decorate the tree, and hung the stockings. I'm feeling more festive now! Yesterday was my last day of work, so winter break has officially begun, and I'm going to try to make it productive. I've already made some plans for after Christmas with friends, and Thursday we have a holiday party to go to. I think if I keep busy, it won't bother me so much that I will be celebrating Christmas without my parents and brother. I'm looking forward to this week off so that I can finish my shopping and baking. My boys are going to help me bake our traditional Italian cookies, and I'm also hoping to make a trip down to the Country Club Plaza to see the lights. I think I'm feeling nostalgic about the holiday's when my boys were small. It seemed much easier to get in the spirit because they were so excited about everything. I'm getting there, though. I just needed to get my butt in gear:)
I still have my therapies this week. I'm glad my therapist and nutritionist are still in town because I feel especially vulnerable right now. My therapist is like a second mom to me, and I feel like I'm really going to need that connection. I'm back on my meds full strength, and I can tell that they have kicked back in. I want to be proactive during this time of year because it is historically bad for me. I tend to isolate myself, so that is why I've made plans with friends. I also hope that I can get my eating back on track during this break. I'm really going to try to sit down to meals with my family because I haven't been doing that lately. So, those are my plans...Hope everyone's holiday's are going well so far.


Ann said...

enjoy your Christmas break. I agree that it was easier to get excited about the holiday when the kids were younger. Something about kids that just makes it feel magical.

Wanda's Wings said...

Sound like you got a good plan set up. That really helps with making it through the Holidays.

Just Be Real said...

Angela seems you have a plan. That is important this time of year. Blessings.

I Hate to Weight said...

such hope in all you're bravely doing. glad you're support team is around. this can be a really tough time of year.

this is such hard work -- i'm beginning to see how worth it is. hope you're seeing it too.

Sunny said...

Love ya, girl!