Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day


It is a glorious snow day! I was so excited when I found out at 5:30 a.m., that I couldn't go back to bed. I love unexpected, happy surprises:) #3 son was awake downstairs when I found out. We both did a little dance and high fived each other. Since then I've been drinking coffee, knitting, and listening to music, with the entire day stretched out before me. I wrote this poem this morning to celebrate the day.

A Celebration Of Snow

The world is still...
oh, so white,
and the snowfall seems to swallow
every sound.
There is such peace
in the blanket of silence.
Everything feels like it is moving
in slow motion,
and even my thoughts
are sweet and calm.
The bright flame of a cardinal
is perched on a snow covered branch,
bringing hope.

Angela Minard 2011©


Wanda's Wings said...

Snow is indeed beautiful. We have a little on the ground this morning too.

I Hate to Weight said...

ahhh. i love snow days. free days.


Just me said...

I'm not normally a poetry fan but THAT is brilliant. You just captured everything that snow is so perfectly!!!

Also, it's wonderful to know there's an adult out there who loves the snow this much. Most that I know just get annoyed by it. Your reaction is great! xxx

Ann said...

nothing makes your day like an unexpected day off. Wish I could get one :)

Anonymous said...

SNOW DAY....What is a SNOW DAY.????

Come on Mannnnnnnnnnnnnn

Old Man from Florida