Monday, April 18, 2011

Releasing Emotions


I know that I have been writing a lot lately. I have so many good and positive things happening in my life, that I can't help but sharing them. It is a nice change from my depressing,and angst filled posts! I know that my last post was a bit like that, and sometimes I still get down, especially about losing a good friend, but besides that, I have so much joy and energy. I'm going to yoga at least five days a week, and I think I'm improving. My teacher even had me demonstrate a pose in front of the class yesterday. I felt a bit embarrassed, but it was a nice compliment. Work has been strange. In my morning class, the teacher was injured at school, and won't be back for awhile, maybe even the rest of the school year. Having substitute teachers is difficult because they really can't help out much. We are also short staffed most of the time, so I'm having to spread my time between two difficult students instead of the one that I usually have. Thursday I was so stressed out that I started to cry on the way to my afternoon school. It is hard to be hit and kicked without it affecting my emotions. Of course lately as happy as I am, I find myself crying a lot, which isn't like me. I usually hold my emotions inside for the most part. The release feels okay though, and not as overwhelming as I thought it would be to have my emotions so close to the surface all the time. Well, that is all for todays post. Wishing everyone a wonderful week:)


Just me said...

I love this - the change in your emotions recently is wonderful! There are bound to still be harder times, particularly with losing your friend, but you're definitely moving so far forward overall. Thanks for sharing about it :) x

I Hate to Weight said...

there really is such change. it's beautiful.

you are really brave -- you're hanging in, even when things feel new and perhaps uncomfortable.

great stuff

Haley said...

This makes me so happy! It's great to see your progress Angela :) Keep fighting. I know times are stressful, but just keep doing what you're doing. Know that starving yourself doesn't do any good. The energy and happiness you're feeling is because you're fueling your body and your brain! :)
Who knows, maybe soon you'll be the yoga instructor ;)
<3 Haley