Friday, April 15, 2011

A Letter To Myself


A Love Letter To Myself

This was an exercise to build self esteem, so I tried it. It felt a bit awkward to write this, but here it is anyway.

To Me,

For so long I've treated you with disdain,

like a stranger who resides in your own skin,

but you are not an empty shell.

You are passion and love,

creative and giving to others.

A past filled with pain has made you who you are,

and now you have empathy for those suffering.

You have gifts and talents that too often you hide.

Reach out and share!

I have watched you begin to bloom,

nurturing your body and mind.

You are always open to new ideas,

and although sometimes you fall,

you always find a way to rise up,

spreading your wings as if to take flight.

You are a survivor, and no longer a victim,

taking back your power, and standing strong.

Hold on to your tenacious spirit, and never give up.

I'm proud of who you are becoming.

You are not a reflection, but an awakening soul,

beautiful within, bright and shining with renewed hope.

I promise to love you always.




Just me said...

LOVE this!

Anonymous said...

You should print this out and put a copy of it on your refrigerator, your bathroom mirror, in your car, in your purse and any other place that you can easily access it whenever you feel like you are struggling. You have said all the right things in this message so continue to believe it and put it out there as a positive reminder of who you really are. You can start being defined by this, and not longer by your past.

Angela said...

Good idea anonymous:)

cudylant said...

I wrote letters to myself to be opened later in my recovery a while back. After reading this, I read one of them today.

Ann said...

This just made me smile. That is a wonderful letter to yourself. I agree with the anonymous comment you should print it out and hang it all over the place :)

I Hate to Weight said...

i'm going to print this out and put it on MY refrigerator.

you inspire me write myself.

i love what you said about yourself.