Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Slow And Steady

Photobucket This is my second week of yoga, and I love it so much! I alternate between a yoga basics class and a deep stretch class. It is amazing how connected I feel to my body with the slow movements combined with deep breathing. My mind becomes so focused on the movements that everything else that I'm thinking about falls away. A few times after class, I have barely made it to my car, and then burst into tears. I understand the emotion, because I'm not used to the connection, but I tend to want to move past it quickly, pushing myself away from the feelings. They are coming out anyway though, and it is world isn't falling apart. I find myself worrying less over the small, unimportant details, and I'm much more relaxed. I also slept like a baby last night without my anti-anxiety medication, which I take as needed. I'm a poor judge of how well I'm doing with food, but I have been trying to listen to my body. I went home for lunch today and made myself a sandwich because I was hungry. I'm trying to honor that as much as possible, but my hunger cues aren't all that reliable, and also I have the battle of the eating disorder going on in my head. If that sounds like excuses, it probably is, but I'm also trying to be kind to myself, and something tells me that I need to take all of this slow and steady, so that is what I'm going to do.


Wanda's Wings said...

This was such a positive post! I think you have found something really good for you. It sounds like you are connecting with your body and emotions. Good for you. I am really proud of you.

Just me said...

Wanda wrote exactly what I was going to say: this is SUCH a positive post!! I am really pleased for you that you've found something that helps you so much. It sounds lovely!

I'd also like to say that nothing in this sounded like excuses. Yes, you do have the battle of the eating disorder there but it is something that you're fighting and I don't think you need to feel you should justify whatever struggles it is causing. Excuses didn't even come into my head until I saw you'd written it. I really just see this as you being aware of what's going on, and knowing what you need to do to help yourself. Slow and steady sounds great to me - don't feel you have to do anything faster than what is right for you.

Hope that all makes sense..! But basically, I loved this post :) Keep going Angela! x x

I Hate to Weight said...

great stuff.

slow and steady is the best way, isn't it?

it's wonderful that something is giving you some relief.

BrightenedBoy said...

I recently started running athletically on a school team and have been pleasantly surprised at how wonderful my body feels when I exert myself and engage in substantial exercise.

Yoga sounds like a good, positive step, as does listening to your body.

Are you in any kind of counseling or therapy for your eating disorder?

Ann said...

excuses or not this post sounds like you are moving in the right direction. Way to go Angela

Anonymous said...

It is great news that you are doing well at Yoga and it has helped change some things in life for you.

We are happy that we could be there for you and all you have ever had to do is ask!

Stay positive and healthy.

Old Man and Old Lady from Florida