Friday, May 27, 2011

The Mundane


Today I had a sandwich and a half of a bowl of cereal. The half of a bowl of cereal was because for some reason today I felt so guilty about the sandwich. I've been struggling with food for the last two weeks because I feel so full all of the time, emotionally full. Lunch has been mostly non-existent, breakfast always is, although I'm consistent with dinner. We bought stuff so that I could make smoothies, hoping to improve lunch. I'm also feeling physically run down. I'm supposed to go back to my doctor because last time they found white blood cells in my urine(forgive me for talking about urine), but those are not supposed to be there so they want to test it again because they think that my kidneys aren't functioning properly. I'm going to go this week. I'm worried because I've been having symptoms like being itchy and my hands and feet being tingly and numb. Those could also be symptoms of the eating disorder. I'm still always cold, even though I'm at a healthy weight. Anyway...that is enough about my health which must be boring to read.
Today was the first day of summer school. The kids weren't there because we needed to unpack and set up the classroom. I feel like I need a break, but I also want a new computer, and the extra money will pay for that. I wish that I could say that I'm doing it for the kids, but the truth is that the student I'm working with is aggressive, and we have to restrain him almost everyday. I'm tired of it, but oh well...I still will have all of July off, and my mom is coming to visit during that time. Well, that is enough of this mundane post. I hope that everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend:)


Eve said...

Sending you big healing hugs !
Keep going. You can do it!

Ruth said...

I know what you mean about needing a break....for the last several months I've had social workers from several different agencies coming in to help me with my kids. It gets overwhelming at times, I know they mean well and are trying to help but I'm starting to feel like we just need time away from all this interference.

Just me said...

It's not boring to read about - this is your space and you can write about whatever you like! We're still reading!