Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tongue Tied


I started summer school, and it has been a rough week. Transitions can be hard on the kids, but I was hoping that since most of our staff is the same, it would go more smoothly. I've had to restrain the kiddo that I work with at least a dozen times for being aggressive, and was literally punched three times today, which always manages to shake me up, even as many times as it happens. I'm physically exhausted when I get home, and I'm only working for half a day. I'm counting down the days until it is over because I need a break. I'm in a bit of a slump, and feeling down in the dumps(hey, that rhymes:) I had a therapy session yesterday, and I was tongue tied. She kept asking me what I wanted to talk about, and emotionally I felt like I couldn't speak. I was frustrated because I feel like our sessions always need to get to the bottom of something. I know that is probably expecting too much. I hate to complain so much, so I think I will wrap up this post. Everyone take care:)


Eve said...

I have been here with you so many times, and will again I am sure many more. I know it is hard. I hope that you get to get some rest this weekend and be good to yourself. I am serious when I ask this, is there any chance you can come and visit even for a day when Jenny and Jessieh are here? We have been talking about the wonder that is Angela lately and would LOVE to see you:) And hug you! And please know you are in my prayers. Keep going!