Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mini Family Reunion

Yesterday we had a mini family reunion with my aunts and cousins from my dad's side of the family. We don't get together often since my parents divorce, but we met for brunch and had such a great time catching up. Here are some pictures~

My Aunt CoCo, Aunt Toni, and I.

The boys with their cousins Olivia and Cooper.

My cousins Gina and Michelle with Baby Cooper.

Little Cooper already acting like a typical male:)

Little Cooper

My Mom with Aunt CoCo


Just me said...

Lovely photos! :)

Lily said...

You are so tan!! I'm so jealous!! Love the pictures :)

Ruth said...

You look great and it looks like you're having so much fun. :-)

OMG your boys are HUGE!!! Why did I think they were little kids? Mine are teenagers and yours look pretty close to that age.

Angela said...

Thanks Ruth!
Yes...the boys are 20,18,15,14

Katerina said...

I just wanna say you are truly inspiring.

Angela said...

Thank you, Katerina