Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Place I Cannot Go

I try to match our breath, my knees nestled behind yours
Hands feeling small and cold against the warmth of your back
You seem restless, legs twitching,
as my fingers move in small circles along your spine
I want to be the calm, quiet place inside of you
while in the darkness we lie together
Lucid dreaming as the dawn paints the sky

I rise alone, leaving you to sleep
a shadow of quiet resting
in a place I cannot go

Angela Minard 2011©


Eve said...

This is beautiful and haunting.

Wanda's Wings said...

So touching. So real.

Anonymous said...

This poem describes me consoling myself in the dark. I would always find a place inside myself during the beatings, and rapes. There it is calm and nothing outside can come in. There she's protected from the sounds of death. There she rest and I hold her as she sleeps. Thank you Angela, you described a very private place where she still rests.

Angela said...

I always love to hear how someone else interprets my poetry, and I'm glad it spoke to you:) Take care of yourself!

Angela said...

Eve and Wanda, Thank you:)

Lily said...

I wish I had the way with words as you do!!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing! I'm really identified with it

Mom said...

My darling daughter, This is beautiful and yet it feels lonely with such longing. Love you, Mom