Friday, November 18, 2011

It Is Fun Trying

I think I have managed to stumble through this week rather gracefully . Tuesday was difficult, and change always frightens me, but I'm doing okay. I've been stuck in the office at work for half of my day, and I'm not an "office" kind of person. I hate printers and copiers. I hate paper work, and mundane tasks. Repetitiveness drives me insane, as does, cutting, gluing,and laminating, but hopefully it won't be for long. I'm ready to get my hands on a new kiddo:) I'm always nervous to start at a new school, but I think change is becoming easier for me. Took me long enough! Really, all in all, I'm in a good place. This week has been crap, but I've eaten, I've tackled each day even when I didn't want to get up, I've learned new things without judging myself too harshly, and I made it to Friday. This weekend I plan on lots of yoga, and I'm excited about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, with extra time off, and time spent with family. The holidays are always bittersweet when my family is far away, but they are in my heart. Now that I Skype, it is fun to be able to see them in "person." I think it is amazing how the world changes second by second. I will never be able to keep up, but it is fun trying!


Wanda's Wings said...

Sounds like you have everything in control. Wishing a great next week and really enjoy the family. Yes the world is changing with all the new technology. At least we can give it a running shot to keep up. lol

Miriam said...

It sounds like you have emerged from this week victorious. Congratulations! And enjoy your holiday!!! There is always something to appreciate and I'm glad you have found it :)

Haley said...

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving Angela, and know that i am thinking of you :)
Change does suck sometimes, but I know that you can conquer anything put before you.
And keep eating and treating your body right. More importantly, keep loving yourself and stop the judgment. You are beautiful :)
<3 Haley