Monday, November 21, 2011

Anorexia And My Family

My son posted this picture on Facebook the other day, saying that this was the body type he preferred. It doesn't surprise me, but I've always been worried about how my anorexia affected my children. I know that it was hard on them when I went in-patient. I think it has made them more aware of the societal pressures to be thin. It still frightens me that I find the thinner body more attractive, and wish that were more my natural body type, but I am learning to accept the shape that I am. I'm doing so well with my eating, and even during times of stress I'm managing to keep up with my intake. Being hungry still freaks me out, and I wait until I can no longer ignore it before I eat, but I'm sure with time I will get used to the feeling without letting it cause me anxiety. Thanksgiving, as most people with eating disorders will tell you, is difficult. I get overwhelmed with so many choices, and the amount of food. I still feel like people watch me, looking for signs of my illness, but it is most likely only in my mind. I'm just trying to focus on spending time with my family, and not worry so much about the eating part. I'm wishing all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving!


T.J. said...

Angela,you will do great! You have come a very long way. I see a very strong women which I envy. :)

Angela said...

Thank you T.J. You are stronger than you realize:)

Anonymous said...

I am hoping your son knows who that is! Only one of the hottest chicks to ever walk this beautiful earth. Not sure when Marilyn's body type ever went out of style in society. What make our world unique is everyone is not the same and we all have different body types and there will always be someone who is attracted to use because of who we are and what we look like. If God made you a certain way, then he made someone to love someone like us.


Anonymous said...

Marilyn Monroe has a GORGEOUS body. It's very HEALTHY and curvy and natural and beautiful. If someone is too thin they look sick and weak and tired. That is not attractive so be careful what you wish for. God has given us our vessel, and who are we to say it's not good enough. How arrogant would that be. Be THANKFUL for what you have. Kudos to your son..he should make you proud for not feeding into a dysfunctional mindset. He sees true beauty which is a wonderful thing. How can anyone look at the picture and not want to be her? We should all be thankful for what god has given us.

John Buchanan said...

Angela, The fact that your son has such a wise head on his shoulders is testament to the fact that you have had a positive effect on his life. You should take pride in that.

Eve said...

I'm just trying to focus on spending time with my family, and not worry so much about the eating part. I'm wishing all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving!--Angela, I needed to read this. I really needed to read this! I have too been struggling with this. I don't over eat anymore (unless seriously stressed) and I never have overdone it on thanksgiving bc I have always been so self conscious about what all the "skinny" people are thinking of me (the fat chick) so thank you for your words of wisdom. You are a real blessing that I am thanking God for this Thanksgiving.

" If God made you a certain way, then he made someone to love someone like us."--Superman, I needed this too. My husband is the person God made to love me, just the way I am. This sentence made me cry:)

Angela said...

Thanks to all of you!

Eve, you are one of the most beautiful women I know, and truly a gift to me, and all of those who know you. You have touched my life in such a positive way! I'm wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

I loved Superman's comment also. He is very wise:-)

Anonymous said...

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healthcoachNC said...

Many people know that the month of February is a time to celebrate National Heart Month, but it is also the month for Body Awareness Month. I don't think it's a coincidence that the two occur at the same time. Though body awareness could mean many things, putting a focus on anorexia and the what it does to the heart could make a difference in the life of someone suffering. Besides changing society's perceptions of thinness, recognizing the symptoms and getting early treatment is the next best thing to prevention.

Those who are at risk include: emotionally insecure, high performance athletes, models/dancers, and a family history. This month, take the time to promote positive self-images and be aware that your body is your temple.

Christal DeLoach
Fayetteville NC Health & Wellness Coach