Friday, December 9, 2011

The Comfort Zone

I saw my nutritionist last night for the first time in three weeks. I really don't feel the need to see her as often, but there are still issues that I have. Right now I eat on the run a lot. I still can't make myself eat lunch in the teachers lounge, so I eat in my car. It's always protein bars or yogurt, which feel safe. I rarely sit down for dinner with my family because I go to yoga every night. I can't eat before I go, because yoga on a full stomach is not wise, so I have to wait until I get home, and by then my family has already had dinner. I'm not really eating with people much, but I'm eating! We talked about how I seem to need to be doing something to distract myself while I eat so that I'm not as focused on the fact that I'm actually eating. Dinner is often standing up in the kitchen while I pace around. I'm not restricting, so whatever works is good for me at the moment. I will try to work on some of this during my Christmas break. I will try to sit down more often and be present. I'm in a comfort zone right now with how I'm eating, and thinking of changing anything makes me a bit nervous, but I will try!


Sia Jane said...

Baby steps.
You have written down the things you cannot yet do.
Maybe jot them down.
Amend them a little if needed, and set a goal for each one.
And as you make your way through it you can see how far you have come.
You are very strong.
And I have a lot of faith in you <3

Jenn said...

something that helped me, but didn't overwelm me, was just trying to do "one thing" extra or what I normally wouldn't do... like I would take one extra bite of something on my plate, or I would challenge myself to sit down and be mindful at least once during the week, ect, ect. And as I got stronger, I would make the "one more's" a little bigger. I hope that made sense ; )

You are aware of what you need to challenge yourself with, and your heart is in the right place. Now comes the process of challenging yourself, but don't let the challenges overwelm you too much. Start out small and simple. I know it's scary to eat in front of others because I struggled a ton with it, but it won't always feel like that. You just need to work on jumping off and trusting yourself <3