Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Here are some pictures from Dave's 50th surprise birthday party that I threw for him. It was so much fun, and he was truly surprised. Almost 22 years married, and 25 Valentine's Days together. It has flown by!

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope it has been a fabulous day for all of you. Dave and I aren't big on doing all that much to celebrate, but we are going to spend the day together on Monday, and then go out in the evening. He has an appointment with his neurologist that day to check on his brain tumor. It is always an emotional time for us, and we worry about the results of his MRI, but we have had many years of good news, so hopefully this year will not be any different.
Health wise I've still been exhausted, and I'm not sure why. I finally went back to work on Monday for half a day, and still wasn't sure if I was going to make it through. Dave wants me to go to the doctor, and if I'm not feeling better soon, I will make an appointment. I'm really not sure if it is depression, or my physical health. Depression sneaks up on me, and it is such a helpless feeling. I really want to feel better. The fatigue is frustrating. I've been going to yoga, but not taking near as many classes as I was, and that is definitely not like me! I had a bit more energy today, and I'm going to keep pushing myself to do more. Maybe I should take vitamins? My food intake has been better. Maybe the restriction affected me more than I thought. I don't know...Eating disorder, depression...Blah, I'm so sick of it! Spring is coming. I will get through this. I always do:)


Nicole said...

These photos are so sweet! And you look beautiful, as always :)

I'm glad Dave had a happy birthday and I hope that everything goes well at the neurologist.

I'm sorry you are feeling so exhausted and I hope you will feel better in the days ahead.

I'm keeping you both in my thoughts.


Angela said...

Thank you, Nicole! You are so sweet:) Hope you are well.

Wanda's Wings said...

Great photos! You look so happy.