Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Recollection

A Recollection

Looking through the window
at the empty parking lot below
I watch your car turn the corner
until the glowing tail lights disappear
I can hear the baby crying
as the apartment walls close in around me
There is no escape
I'm afraid to carry him down the concrete stairs
his head cradled in the crook of my arm
In my mind I can see him slowly slip from my grasp
shattering into a mosaic pattern
disappearing into the wind
The days run into each other
one indistinguishable from the next
I talk to him constantly
fearful that if I cannot hear my voice
I will one day forget how to speak
The weight of silence when he is asleep surrounds me
and in those moments I don't breathe
I listen for the steady ticking of the clock
reminding me of the passing time
and the ghost of who I used to be

Angela Minard 2012©


Wanda's Wings said...

Really makes you think.

Eve said...

I agree with Wanda and I want to add that Angela, your poetry SINGS!