Monday, April 16, 2012

Center Of A Storm

Center Of A Storm

Awakening in the center of a storm
the crashing of thunder
flashes of electric light
sharp, pelting rain pinging against the windows

Your mind is whirling
like the wind rushing through the trees
He stirs
thinking for a moment that he heard your thoughts
Maybe you spoke them aloud
but his breath is a steady whisper
and you feel alone

Turning away
your cheek rests against the damp pillow
The cracks of lightning break open the darkness
remembering that you are safe
The nightmares that linger are not real
but sleep will not come

You could rouse him from his own dreams
curl your body against his warmth
the peaceful expansion of his ribs pressed against your heart
flying away from what haunts you
Aching with need and want
asking for comfort would be too much to bear

Yielding to the night
you wait
until the morning birds sing

Angela Minard 2012©


Wanda's Wings said...

After night comes morning. After the storm comes a peace.

T.J. said...

Me asking for comfort is a storm to me. It may not make much since to you but when I have asked before I would only hear the thunder of there voices! I do love what you wrote.

Anonymous said...

I like this poem Angela. I have this strange romance with stormy weather. Stormy weather became my protection when I was a little girl being molested by my grandmothers, and mother. They were afraid of stormy weather. The sounds of thunder frightened them to their core. These women were strong tenacious women to me. When it stormed I felt they were subdued under submission. They didn't even speak a word when it stormed. It was the only time I felt I could have quietness within me. I was the calm inside the storm. Grandmothers are dead now but mother's here and still so afraid of the stormy weather. Me, I still welcome it and when it comes I'm still the calm in the midst of all the thunderous weather...Love your poetry Angela. Hope you're having a good day...RiRi

Sia Jane said...

You will get there. That I believe.
I really do {{{hugs}}}