Monday, June 25, 2012

Damn Debby!

Well, I would like to be posting a picture of me frolicking on the beach, but tropical storm Debby has prevented me from doing that, so here is a picture of me enjoying the sun at home in Kansas City. Nevertheless, I have been enjoying spending time with my family. I have taken a couple of yoga classes while I've been here, and learned some new poses to take back home. My mom and I have of course been shopping, and we have pedicures scheduled for Wednesday, and then I'm headed back home on Thursday. I love summer vacation, and never want it to end. I will leave you with a picture of my parent's kitten, Joey. He is adorable, and needs to come home with me!


Wanda's Wings said...

Looks like you are enjoying yourself and the kitten is adorable.

Sia Jane said...

You are smiling with such hope.
That is wonderful <3

Jenn said...

you look so lovely : )
i am glad you are enjoying your vacation (despite debby) and i hope you enjoy your pedicures ; )

Meliss said...

I want Joey too.

Hope all's well! Love, Melissa

Catherine said...

Dear Angela, You look happy and lovely.
Your parents cat is adorable. Blessings dear. Catherine

Jenny Sawle said...

Hi. I love you. And I am thinking of you. xo