Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Well, I seem to have taken a bit of a blogging hiatus, and slacking on the word of the day challenges. I'm on vacation in Florida right now visiting my family, so who knows when the spirit to write will hit me. I'm having a very restful and fabulous summer so far with lots of pool time and extra yoga classes. The studio is offering new early morning traditional yoga classes, which are about 2 1/2 hours long and include chanting, breathwork, and meditation. I'm really enjoying learning new styles of yoga, and also working on other aspects of the practice. The meditation is difficult for me, but I'm getting better at silencing my thoughts and being with the breath. Yoga is teaching me to be in the present moment, and at times I find myself so calm and at peace that my mind is totally quiet. That is something definitely new for me, as I've struggled so often with racing thoughts. I haven't had to take my anti-anxiety medication in quite awhile. I'm going to try out a new yoga studio while I'm here in Florida. They offer hot yoga, which I've never tried, and of course there will be beach and pool time while I'm visiting! I love summer!!!