Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Her Kind~ A Poem

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Her Kind

Oh, you think you know her kind
your eyes devour,
slide in tight, you sigh
Mmmm she's brand new
but she doesn't know how to say no
pressed against the seat
her silence seduces you
hands traveling inside
pushing you away
Oh, you think you know her kind
with your breath against her neck
your insistance
but she doesn't know how to say no
when it is over you think she liked it
and you tell her
as her hands pull her skirt from around her waist
shame like filth clings to her skin
fists clenched tight, half moons in her palms
the screams of "no" echo in her head
it was the blouse, the lipstick, the willingness to be held
turning away, she shivers in the warmth
As she unlocks the door, stumbing with the ache of guilt
she is that kind

Angela Minard 2012©


Woman in Crisis said...

This poem speaks volumes to me. It speaks to the heartache of past experiences and a more recent one. Thank you for your honest words.